Year Round Service At Il Decanter

Year Round Service At Il Decanter

Ibiza 2017 saw the arrival of Il Decanter to the foot of the Dalt Vila, an Italian eatery with a proud pedigree, the younger sibling of the existing Decanter Prato, it offered a delicious alternative to the Ibiza food scene. It was enjoyed by tourists and locals alike during the summer and the great news for those living on the island all year round is it will remain open and passionate about delivering its amazing experience throughout the year.

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In celebration of the decision to open throughout the year, Il Decanter has unveiled a selection of new services, adding to its fast-growing island reputation. The a la carte breakfast is the only way to start your day, with a selection of juices, toasts, pastries and much more, in the inspirational surroundings in the heart of historical Ibiza. For sushi lovers, Il Decanters mouth-watering menu of the Japanese delight is now available as a take-away, meaning you can enjoy the very best sushi experience in the comfort of your own home. Pizza lovers, don’t panic, as the same experience is afforded to you, with the full range of gourmet pizzas from Il Decanter, all available to take away.


Chef Andrea Alimenti is well known in culinary circles and has an impressive background. The former owner of a restaurant that boasts Michelin star rating, he has previously been commissioned by local councils and national institutions to organise fairs and other events that promoted regional products, not to mention his role as director of a respected Italian culinary magazine. Il Decanter captured the imagination on numerous levels this summer, but one of the main foundations for its instant success has been the professionalism of its team. Every member of the team has shown a passion for the project, greeting every customer with a smile and making them feel like they were at home. They dropped in from all over the world and were pampered on the terrace and enjoyed the very best culinary experience. Il Decanter has also shown an understanding of the seasons, offering a fixed price menu of the day, allowing you to try the restaurant specialties without breaking the bank. Finally, for those of you on your yacht or villa that are thinking about a delivery service, look no further. Il Decanter offers the finest seafood, as well as oysters, sushi and sashimi, all delivered with the signature professionalism that the restaurant has become synonymous with.

Information & Reservations:
t: +34 871 035173

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