Channel Haute Gypsy Chic In Virginia Vald

Channel Haute Gypsy Chic In Virginia Vald

Words: Amanda O’Riordan
Photography: Courtesy of Virginia Wald

Ibiza fashion designer Virginia Vald is, quite simply, one of the most passionate style gurus on the White Isle. Originally from Barcelona, she settled in Ibiza in the ’90s following years of family holidays – a familiar story for many local designers. With a background rich in design, make-up, fashion and styling, she founded the female fashion brand Virginia Vald in 2012.

Virginia hosted her first fashion show for her Spring/Summer collection in 2013. “I chose the island for its energy and the strength it gives me. Certainly, Ibiza´s fashion style is a landmark around the world. I love authenticity and what pushed me to start this project was to maintain track of what was and is for me a way to dress, a lifestyle,” she says. “My dream is to make women enjoy wearing my designs. My philosophy: making quality fashion. My struggle: produce most of the collection in Spain. My passion: make unique clothes. My brand has developed slowly and that gives me the opportunity to push the boundaries of my creativity and keep my freedom in design.”


Virginia’s operation is based in the heart of Ibiza Town, a place of inspiration, and everything is handmade. From her small workshop on the island of Ibiza she has created an array of ranges to beam out to the rest of the world. Virginia’s vests are unique pieces, carefully embroidered by hand, presented in different versions and styles. Some pieces are produced over hundreds of hours using recycled materials and fabrics. The ethnic is especially a very elaborate vest, with more than 100 hours handmade. Different styles, striking colours and beads are integrated into organic fabric, creating harmony between the luxury of metal and the nature of the earth.


Rock music is a strong influence in fashion. Its details are characteristic and easily recognized in the form of leather, studs and shades of black, and Virginia’s line features added ethnic details and colours to make it unique. Her ‘Ethnic’ and ‘Gypsy’ lines are the perfect for that bohemian chic Ibiza wardrobe.

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