Private Driver Call Service

Private Driver Call Service

What could be better than having your own driver for the duration of your Ibiza adventure? Apart from the obvious convenience of never having to worry about transport, the comfort that comes with a luxury vehicle and river combination, the local knowledge can be invaluable. Your driver knows that time is everything on the island and knows how to avoid the inevitable island bottle necks peak season, keeping you moving and on the front foot. He will also have information on which party to be at on any given night as well as a few insider tips that you can’t get from the cab driver!

If you are staying in a luxury villa, the driver is even more important as trying to get a cab to come to an area with no address is virtually impossible. Arrive in style and stress free wherever you are going, whether it be the beach club for the day, an exclusive restaurant on the VIP club party at night. With your own private driver, you can leave whenever you want to, safe in the knowledge that you have an instant solution for heading to the next party or heading home.

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