Montauk is the restaurant that champions American steakhouse culture in Ibiza. Cooking and eating meat is an art in itself, with its rules and rituals – in this respect, Montauk is following the traditions of US East Coast. This upscale eatery is located in the luxurious Ushuaia Tower hotel, where the most sophisticated and well-travelled international clientele likes to treat their palate with classy dishes and pure-blooded wines.

Huge mouth-watering steaks served here are made of local hormone-free Kobe and Angus beef, bred as semi-wild in a special hut that was created in Ibiza purposefully for Montauk. In this hub, most technologically advanced systems are used, a meat drying unit is installed and the greenhouse effect is reduced as much as possible. Later on, different sorts of meat are preserved in a salt chamber built from Himalayan salt bricks, with the ideal level of humidity and temperature, with the aim of achieving the perfect taste.

Before making their orders, the guests choose the daintiest piece of meat from the Cuts Gallery with climate control. From there, the piece is cooked over charcoal, then delivered to the Josper and finally rested in thermodyne. As a sidedish, order grilled asparagus, creamed baby spinach, mashed potatoes with cabbage or roasted corn cob with garlic butter. Oysters and caviar are also present in the menu, as well as top-notch salads, starters and soups. Open daily for dinners, Montauk adheres to the winning philosophy of natural cuisine: inherent flavours are not concealed by relishes, and the recipes are kept genuinely simple.


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