Mirador De Dalt Vila Restaurant

Mirador Restaurant is located into one of the most refined and exquisite hotels of the whole island – Mirador of Dalt Vila, tucked in the historical core of Ibiza town and built in 1904 as the town home for the noble Fajarnés family. While being compact, this wonderful venue gladly welcomes not just the guests of the hotel but every gourmet who realizes what is means for a restaurant to be a member of Relais & Chateaux association.

Here they have mastered a creative take on Mediterranean food, made of local seasonal produce – thus, no wonder the menu is slightly changing from May to October. For starter, consider Iberian Pork with black garlic sauce and pineapple cubes, or Marinated tuna salad with tomato branch, sweet corn cream and sprouts. For the main course, get seduced by the tender Confit suckling pig with melon, mango and Sichuan pepper; Meunière style sea bream with Kalamata olives and apple or baby lamb shoulder, cooked at a low temperature with aubergines, honey and vanilla chickpeas.

Along with the impressive a la carte selection there is also a tasting menu for the most devoted gastro-pilgrims. Here is just a glimpse of it: Smoked octopus with conté cheese and young garlic emulsion arrives with a glass dome on top, all covered with smoke from the inside. Once the cover if off, the smoke dissolves to let the course soak up the characteristic aroma – in Mirador, food is more than food, but a true gastronomic performance.


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