Amazing Menu With Views Backstage At Ushuaia Party

Ushuaia Ibiza is not just a most coveted 5* hotel and a high-class party spot, but a formidable gastronomic temple as well. One of its gourmet treasures is Minami – Mediterrasian restaurant with Zen-like ambiance and an accent on Japanese food. It is located right by the main entrance to Ushuaia Club, to the left from the reception, and some of its windows overlook the infamous courtyard where parties are held.

Once you get inside, you immediately feel overwhelmed by the design: bamboo walls, subdued candlelight and chairs in the shape of female derriere make the guests disconnect from the surrounding reality and immerse into refined Asian magic. The assortment of sushi, sashimi and rolls is more than impressive, and every prawn, strip of tuna or slice of mango is placed with punctilious attention to detail. Miso soup is served with foie gras and truffle, Sea bass wraps itself in banana leaves, and Dessert section of the menu tempts the reader with such elaborate positions as Praline and matcha namelaka with kumquat gelee. Wine list contains as much as 150 denominations, encouraging the guests to get tipsy in the very process of degustation.

Matching enchanting Japanese traditions with cutting-edge approaches and techinques, Minami takes its visitors on a journey through Asia and Eivissa. For most discerning clients, private areas are available, and eye-popping culinary shows by Minami’s renowned chefs are held by Teppanyaki tables for those who love to treat not only their palate but their imagination as well.


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