Bambuddha is one of the eternal values of Ibiza. This temple of epicurism and sensuality was open in 1999, bridging traditions of Balearic hospitality with Asian philosophy and tantric eroticism. Since then it remains an essential meeting point for Ibiza locals and regulars, a one-of-a-kind location for weddings and a coveted spot for private parties.

The menu firmly denies geographical borders, drawing inspiration from Indian, Korean, Thai, Cantonese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Mediterranean cuisines. Let your palate celebrate: start with Bambuddha Pho soup, proceed to Kowloon spicy crab legs, indulge yourself in Cripsy duck and mandarine pancakes, savour Lamb massaman curry and polish it off with Dragon Ball ice cream. Vegetarian section is also present, offering mind-blowingly tasty Stir fried vegetables, Edamame and Sping rolls with sweet chili. Then ponder over the extensive cocktail list, choosing between Bubbling Buddha, Bamboozle, Orgasmic Delight and Goa Spring Punch – it’s enough to convert a most committed tea-totaller.

Exploring the premises with all the huts and pagodas is an adventure in itself. There is a charismatic bar, a sybarite lounge, an erotique boutique (how often do you see that in a restaurant?) and several oriental shrines. Charge your phone to the max before coming here – you are about to take dozens of pictures.

The three pirate Buddha on the restaurant’s logo stand for Tolerance, Freedom and Respect. These are the values Bambuddha’s philosophy is based on, and dining here is always like setting out on a spiritual journey.


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