Relax And Unwind With Aiyanna’s Morning Yoga

Relax And Unwind With Aiyanna’s Morning Yoga

Words: Rosie Wilson

Whether Ibiza is your chosen destination for the luxury on tap, the stunning surroundings or the mystical and spiritual pull of the island felt by many, we don’t doubt that you can rejoice in the idea of a soothing yoga session in a beautiful beach club, followed by a healthy and hearty breakfast to set you up for the day. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the gorgeous new beach club Aiyanna offers just that, and having already heard great things, we naturally had to go and try it out for ourselves.

There’s little more envy inducing than a spot of morning, beachside yoga, whether it’s displayed proudly on your Instagram feed or just the self-satisfaction you can take in being glowy, zen and ready for the day before 10am. The gorgeous bohemian chic venue overlooks the unbelievable bay of Cala Nova, and the yoga sessions themselves take place on the terrace, so you can rely on the gentle sea breeze to invigorate you naturally as you stretch into your yoga poses.


Florencia Cassulo, Aiyanna’s resident yoga teacher, offered us a warm welcome when we arrived to the class, and settled us into our practice with a few minutes of conscious breathing. From there, the Hatha flow yoga allowed us to move fluidly from one pose to the next while we focused intently on our breathing exercises. Gentle and ‘soft’ with a slower pace than some other practices, Hatha is the perfect discipline for a morning workout, especially in the sunshine. All relative novices, we paced ourselves throughout the hour long class – which Florencia ressured us is suitable for all levels, ages and stages of flexibility. The soothing class is taught in both English and Spanish, so it’s easy to keep up regardless of your Mother Tongue.


After we’d stretched into our series of positions, the madness of the White Isle couldn’t seem further away. This is the other, simpler side to Ibiza – feeling at one with yourself and the island, as you float away to a zen like state accompanied by the gentle sound of the waves lapping on the shore and the scent of the forest just a few steps away. After an hour of Florencia’s peaceful instruction, we felt recuperated and restored, ready to take on the day and whatever Ibiza could throw at us. With the class over, it was time to nourish our bodies with the delicious buffet breakfast provided to yogis taking the class.


A combination of super healthy and more indulgent treats, the buffet breakfast has a little something to please everyone, from freshly squeezed juices and super food mueslis, right through to cakes and croissants, you can choose whether to carry on with your wholesome day or whether to reward yourself and indulge your sweet tooth on a job well done for getting up early and starting the day right. With a colourful plate of fresh fruit and delicious savoury fare (a special mention has to go to their impossibly fluffy pastries), we enjoyed the stunning views and the relaxing ambience that Aiyanna does so well. If you’re a die-hard yogi, you’re looking for the very best way to start your day on the White Isle or you simply want to try something that totally encapsulates the natural, relaxing side to Ibiza while you’re here, a blissful morning yoga session at Aiyanna is a must.

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