Put Ibiza Music History On Your Wall

Put Ibiza Music History On Your Wall

Words: Conor Wheeler
Photography: Courtesy of Peter Evans

I’ve always been fascinated by club flyers, yet, as far as I’m aware, they are not a popular subject within the art scene. But why? On every street corner, every telephone box, every boarded up, derelict building in practically every major city in the world you will see a poster for a club night. Every poster is different, with every artist attempting to create a stand-out piece of art, matching the colors to the vibe of the night, finding the right typeface for the music genre and create the perfect imagery to fit in with overall theme of that particular night – it’s no easy task.

Having spent the last 25 years of my life in London – where every billboard is advertising a new phone contract or a better bank account offer, plus the thousands of more depressing examples I could give – coming to Ibiza for the first time was an eye-opening experience. I was blown away by the hundreds of huge billboards advertising the colourful, eccentric club nights on the White Isle. And thanks to artist Peter Evans, you can now take home a piece of this specific part of the island’s music history with one of his limited edition print collages titled Beefa!


After spending ten years working from Warner Music’s West London headquarters, Peter Evans decided to pursue the career he had always wanted. So he started from the beginning and got an education in fine arts at one of London’s most prestigious art schools, the Chelsea College Of Art. Graduating in 2016, Peter has since worked with the likes of Burberry and had his work included in the Tate Library and Archive. On top of this, he has exhibited across some of London’s most respected art shows as well as College Expo, Paris and the Rotterdam International Art Fair.



I briefly spoke to Peter about how the colourful collage design came about. He explained, “A friend of mine asked me to do a commission as a present for her friend, who is a big Ibiza club lover. I searched on eBay and found original vintage club posters, stickers and other bits to make the collage. Everything I used to make it dates from 2002-2016 and is original, not reprints! It ended up being so colourful I thought it would make a great print.” Featuring classic artwork from the early Circoloco days, timeless Space flyers, retro Flower Power at Pacha posters and the distinctive red Amnesia logos, all combined in one eye-catching mosaic – which I, for one, would love on my wall – club connoisseurs can now put a piece of Ibiza history on their wall. With only 50 pieces of this design, what are you waiting for?

Buy The Prints Here:
w: https://peterevans.uk/Beefa-Ltd-Print



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