Nikkei Gourmet Haven Coricancha Reopens

Nikkei Gourmet Haven Coricancha Reopens

Words: Olivia Ebeling
Photography: La Skimal

If you have already had the pleasure of dining at the simply breath-taking Coricancha, then you will be feverishly counting down the days until the extraordinary Nikkei restaurant and cocktail bar reopens its doors for a third summer on the White Isle this Friday, May 25th. And if you haven’t? Well, then frankly, there is no excuse not to put the gourmet hotspot on your culinary must-do list this summer.

Owned by the renowned Blue Marlin Ibiza Group and located in the picturesque setting of the Salinas Nature Park, Coricancha is a triple whammy of stunning views, mouth-watering cuisine and outstanding service. Intricately carved wooden feature walls and imposing deity-like statues are dotted throughout the garden, while the sun-drenched balcony dining area is the perfect space to watch the dazzling sunset and look out for flamingos.

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Named after the revered Temple of the Sun in Cusco, Peru, Coricancha’s ethos is based around using carefully chosen, sustainable and fresh ingredients – often homemade or hand-picked from the island’s fauna – to pay tribute to Mother Nature by fusing innovative techniques with ancient wisdom. One of the rare venues where the mixology department – read bar – can absolutely hold its own up against the high standard of the Japanese and Peruvian fusion cuisine coming out of the kitchen, the cocktails are split into sections dedicated to the five elements. The ‘earthy’ (F)Lake, for example, is an homage to the snow-topped Andes mountains and is served with a layer of ice that you have to crack with a liquorice stick before savouring the aromatic mix of Havana 7 rum, pineapple skins, young pine cachaca, lucuma and salted coconut pulp.

Coricancha’s food selection is all about trying new flavours and sharing plates, which is perfect because it means you get to sample more of the delicious dishes than if you were sticking to the classic formula of starter-main-dessert. Last summer, we swooned over classic white fish ceviche made with sustainable cobia, aji limo, coriander, Peruvian corn and mococho seaweed, and fork-fought for the last bites of the delicate scallops tiradito, marinated in black tiger milk created with the charcoal from burnt tortilla. Also unmissable was the jamon de toro – homemade tuna ham – which had been dried on salt, frozen and sliced before being served on soft, homemade mustard bread topped with radish butter. Meanwhile, meat lovers shall not leave Coricancha without trying the mouth-watering churrasco Angus beef, dressed in an intense red achiote and accompanied by a soft corn sponge cake.

On May 25th, the Coricancha team invites you to join for an evocative culinary journey through the ancient flavours of the Inca lands with an atmospheric musical soundtrack provided by Banjaara Live. Join from 20.00 to 22.00 for cocktails and canapés and help welcome back this stellar dining destination for another delicious summer.

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