Never Go Out Of Style With Otumm

Never Go Out Of Style With Otumm

Words: Rosie Wilson
Photography: Courtesy of Otumm

Here on the White Isle, what you wear says a lot about you – and no more so than with your chosen accessories. Fashion and styling has always been an important aspect of life in Ibiza, but now more than ever with no holiday event left un-Instagrammed. Fads and fashions will come and go, but one place to opt for cool and classic is your time piece. Otumm, in it’s fifth year of conception, offers all that plus more, and nothing is ever more in fashion than a watch with timeless style (pardon the pun).

Otumm fuses old world and new world styles when it comes to its collections. While the designs are classic and designed to never go out of style, there’s a quick turnover of new conceptions – almost like fashion lines, which is unusual for timepieces. In five short years, Otumm has come up with 17 collections – which means that every four to five months they come out with new styles and designs. Thanks to this quick pace and eagerness to keep developing the brand, there’s basically an Otuum watch to suit every age, fashion sense and personality.


Otumm originated in Switzerland so you know it’s going to be good quality – after all, a watch hailing from the land is the high watermark of good quality and craftmanship, and can even be passed through the generations. There are some aspects of your summer wardrobe where it might be acceptable to cut corners and buy into ‘fast fashion’, but a good quality watch will pay dividends for years to come. Founder and owner of the luxury brand, Marcel Dierkes, has been a lifelong fan of the watch industry and has been a collector for many years, so the design and curation of Otumm is a carefully refined process which nods to influences from many major watch companies.


There’s plenty of places to get your luxury fix during your stay – synonymous with the Ibicenan lifestyle, Otumm watches are now readily available on the White Isle, with the brand being sold in KM5, Coco Beach, Malibu, in Ibiza Airport at Club Ibiza, and we do co-branding with Ocean Beach Ibiza, Ushuaia Ibiza, CBbC and the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza.


The young brand, which focuses on classic styles with a sporty edge, is perfect for the young and glamorous Ibiza scene – style-conscious but young and trend-aware. Reportedly, the big trends for 2017 are rose gold and steel timepieces, airing just on the right side of flash. A watch requires careful selection as one of the more ‘investment’ pieces in your wardrobe, so these sorts of colours are perfect – subdued metallics aren’t going out of fashion any time soon. Opt for one of these affordably luxurious numbers and let the piece do the rest of the talking – after all, in the words of Otuum, the watches are for ‘people who know where they stand in modern society’.

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