Musset Santa Gertrudis Home Away From Home

Musset Santa Gertrudis Home Away From Home

There are some places in Ibiza that it doesn’t really matter what time of year it is, they are consistently busy. Musset in Santa Gertrudis is one such destination, no matter what season, it is a community hub. From early morning coffee to kick start the day to a leisurely breakfast, lunch in the afternoon or drinks with friends and early dinner in the evening, the welcome is always warm and the atmosphere lively.

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Santa Gertrudis is a village that welcomes coach loads of tourists in the summer season, as well as a healthy stream of islanders from across Ibiza, keen to soak up its bohemian vibe. It boasts more than its fair share of fantastic eateries, some modern, some traditional, as well as selection of cool boutiques and one of the best ice cream parlours on the island. In the winter, it becomes a focal point for the surrounding area as people drop in for meetings, business goes on as usual and it offers a true homely feel.

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Musset is one of the villages most popular destinations, don’t be surprised if you bump into some of the island’s famous DJs, promoters or owners of the world-famous venues that attract so many tourists to the Balearic beauty. The UK Prime Minister was spotted sipping coffee in Musset, without anyone giving him and his wife a second glance. It’s that kind of place. During the winter, Musset offers a delicious menu of the week, three courses for €15.90, offering value for money as well as quality. Changing on a weekly basis, it offers a variety of fantastic dishes throughout the month.

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Having used Musset as an office for the best part of five years, we have been fortunate to spend various times of the day and week in the charming restaurant. One of our favourites is Sunday morning, when the sun is out but it’s still fresh, cardigan weather if you will. Working our way through the back pages of the newspaper, checking out the stories from the English Premier league, with a cold, freshly squeezed orange juice and a hot tea to work my way through. Of course, everyone has a favourite time of day but, no matter what yours, you are always made to feel at home. During the winter, there are numerous themed events to bring the village together but, the fact is, you don’t need an excuse to drop in to Musset.

Opening Hours: 09.00 – 20.00
t: +34 971 19 76 71


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