Luxury Seafood At Ushuaia Tower

Luxury Seafood At Ushuaia Tower

Words: Rosie Wilson
Images: Tamara Sini

If you like your fresh, delicious seafood with a side of iconic, resplendent luxury, look no further than Ushuaia Tower’s Oyster and Caviar Bar. The resident DJs pump out the latest tracks even by day, the poolside is rife with glamorous VIPs, and the food and drink is, frankly, something to behold. Oysters and caviar – two foods synoymous with this beachy, luxurious lifestyle – are the name of the game here, but the expansive seafood menu is far from limited to just these. We know by now that Ushuaïa Tower likes to exceed expectations, so when we were invited along to sample some of the cuisine, we couldn’t wait to see what they had come up with for this decadent concept.

Being at Ushuaïa Tower gets you in the holiday spirit like nothing else – you’re inches away from the beautiful, lapping tide and the golden sands, but you’re perfectly pampered and in the most modern, over-the-top surroundings imaginable. No room for nuance here – this is all-out holiday indulgence. As we sat down at our poolside, beachfront table, you could tell that everyone present was thinking a similar thing. We were treated to an enviable selection of fresh seafood to start, including sushi, ceviche, tartare and – of course – oysters. The starters were all lovingly prepared and presented, fresh from the sea and perfectly seasoned. It’s not hard to come by sushi or ceviche on the island, but everything at The Oyster and Caviar Bar has a welcome little twist – the addition of a curry flavour or another worldly influence, or a fruit infusion to really elevate the flavours. They were all divine, but the standout for the table was definitely the oysters – half a dozen of them, enormous and sitting on a bed of rock salt and delicate fish roe. They were served simply with lime wedges and fresh, chopped onion – and as we shucked them back, we all enthusiastically agreed these were the best oysters any of us had ever tried!



The main courses were just as delectable – oyster and truffle flavoured papardelle topped with a generous serving of fresh seafood; a creamy lobster risotto with a salty oyster confit and a spiced salmon fillet in a passionfruit and coconut milk sauce. Again, the fish was all cooked to utter perfection, and as we looked out onto the ocean from our table, we mused that there’s really nothing better than eating fresh seafood while you can literally see the sea. Although we didn’t think we could fit anything else in after our feast, we found room for dessert – a delicate raspberry and chocolate tart and flavoured Magnum-style chocolate ice creams. The fun, summery treats were the perfect way to round off the amazing meal and, fully sated, we wandered around the famous beach club and out onto the shore. Nothing makes you feel more at peace than feeling the sand between your toes, and to do it in such spectacular surroundings and during such a fabulous culinary experience feels extra indulgent. Whether you’re a seafood lover, a lover of luxury or simply seeking the ultimate holiday indulgence (or all three!), you’re going to love The Oyster & Caviar bar.

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