Icon People: Nicholas Andonakis’ Ibiza

Icon People: Nicholas Andonakis’ Ibiza

Words: Olivia Ebeling
Photography: La Skimal

As CEO of Amazonia EU, Nicholas Andonakis and his team have led a health food revolution on the White Isle by bringing their high quality superfood products to the island which include their by now Ibiza-famous certified organic frozen acai and, new this year and another island first, pink pitaya pulp. But the corporate title belies not only the company’s, but also Nico’s fun, passionate and young spirit.

Now stocked in around 70 of Ibiza’s most respected retailers and venues, and with frequent pop-up stalls at food festivals and Ibiza’s hottest alternative party Woomoon, Nico’s is a friendly face that is easily recognised amongst island residents. We quizzed the health food guru on his favourite places and experiences on the White Isle…



When did you first come to Ibiza?
It was in 2004 and I came to the island to do what any other 23-year-old comes here to Ibiza for: to party! For seven or eight years I didn’t really think about the island as anything other than a place to party, but one year, in 2012, I started to wonder what happens after the closing parties when everyone has left? So I started talking to the locals and one guy told me he moved out here 20 years ago and it was the best thing he ever did. And I thought, ‘Wow.’ I eventually moved here in April 2014.

How did you have the idea to bring Amazonia’s acai to the island?
When I came here, my wife and I wanted to do some sort of organic farming but we noticed that it was kind of everywhere, so it would have been crazy to try and do that. Instead, we tried to support it by volunteering on organic farms. But I’m a businessman at heart, so as much as I love to get my hands dirty in the soil I still want to create and generate ideas. I noticed that while there was a lot of acai being sold on the island, it was of questionable quality, so we took the plunge.


What does an ideal day in Ibiza look like to you?
It depends on workload…. If I don’t have so much on at the office, it would be waking up early in the morning and doing some sort of functional training or yoga, go for a swim or go for a long walk in nature before getting to the office. I’d have my acai bowl and my juice, connect with the Amazonia team and make sure everything is flowing before meeting one of my friends for a late lunch. I love to socialise and expand my network, Ibiza attracts people from all over the world so there are always interesting people to meet.

Do you have a favourite spot to do yoga?
Yes, there is a little spot in the mountains of Sant Matteu which is surrounded by pine trees, but it has perfect sunlight.

Where do you like to eat out?
I love La Paloma and I also love the brunch they do at Meke Coffee Roasters on a Wednesday. It’s only once a week so it draws a bit of a crowd but the music and the vibe are cool.


Do you have a favourite beach?
I really love Punta Galera, but my favourite has got to be Moon Beach. It’s hard to find, so not many people go. I have six dogs, so there aren’t many places I can take them in the summer but it’s not a problem there. It’s also by far the best place to watch the sunset.

Where’s the best place to get seafood?
There is a really small place on the rocks in a little bay in the San Antonio area called Aquarium Cap Blanc and they sell the the best sardines on the charcoal served on paper plates. All they have on the menu is fresh sardines and potato salad, and I think that’s it.

What’s your favourite place to party?
I haven’t partied for a couple of years, but when I did, my friends and I used to get a VIP table at Ushuaia every year.


Where is the best place to switch off in Ibiza?
In the mountains. I know an amazing walking route that starts 200 metres after the km5 mark on the road between Santa Gertrudis and Sant Matteu. You take a left and then you just follow it. But I also love swimming, mountain hiking and exploring new areas on the island. As long as I’m in nature, I’m happy.

Do you have an insider tip for visitors to the White Isle?
Yes, go out of your comfort zone a bit and visit places that you wouldn’t normally. The first few years I came here as a tourist I was wired to just go to the clubs and party places, but there is so much more this place has to offer. Try something quirky and different that you wouldn’t see anywhere else!

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