The Ibiza Spirit Festival At Agroturismo Atzaro

The Ibiza Spirit Festival At Agroturismo Atzaro

Words: Olivia Ebeling
Photography: Tamara Sini

With its mysterious energy and beautiful nature, Ibiza has long been a place that has attracted spiritual individuals from all over the world and the island has a well-established community of alternative therapists, healers, shamans, mediums and teachers. In recent years, as more and more island residents and holidaymakers have become aware of this fascinating part of Ibiza’s culture and taken an interest in finding out more, several public events dedicated to the metaphysical have sprung up on the White Isle. The Ibiza Spirit Festival, held in the beautiful grounds of Agroturismo Atzaro, is one of the best known and most popular, a colourful day that encourages people to become ‘the change you wish to see’. With the next gathering taking place on April 29th, what can you expect from this magical day?

The Ibiza Spirit Festival is a celebration of life that fills the lush gardens of the boutique hotel with market stalls, guided meditations, yoga sessions, talks and workshops, art, dance, music and, most of all, love and laughter. Walking into the picturesque grounds of Atzaro is always a magical experience but during the Ibiza Spirit Festival there are even more eye-catching sights to see and the atmosphere is simply euphoric. A kids area is dedicated to entertaining the younger guests with arts and craft activities, yoga, hoola-hooping, face painting, story reading and many other fantastical activities. This year, the Magical Children’s Garden has the motto ‘Tribes From Around The World’ and opens its doors at 11.30 with an Opening Ceremony followed by Mindful Morning Gratitude Practice and much more.




Colourful stalls offer everything from jewellery, health foods, books, crystals, fashion and music, a fascinating area to peruse and take home beautiful souvenirs as well as educational material. Meanwhile, healthy food as well as more indulgent treats – with many vegan and vegetarian options – are served throughout the grounds, with various delicious aromas drifting through the gardens. For those curious to take a look into their future, tarot card and palm readings are available with several experienced mediums offering their services.




While there are many interesting yoga and meditation classes starting in the morning and running throughout the day, guests will also be able to experience lesser known spiritual wellness activities such as sound massage, water therapy, Reiki and aura photography. In the Yoga Pagoda, guests can join classes such as Transformational Yoga, Flow, Mindfulness Yoga, Power Poses and Kundalini Yoga amongst others. In the Chill Out area, interested guided sessions such as Japanese Ki Movements, Laughter Yoga, Hoola Hoop Jam, a Multidimensional Journey and a Singing Circle await. Workshops and talks will discuss and educate on subjects such as inner peace meditation, activating your love field, the positive power of psychedelics and how to heal your gut naturally.




Music plays a big part, of course, with singing circles, quartz bowl concerts, gong meditations, drumming and DJs providing an infectious soundtrack for the day. For those who love to lose themselves in the rhythm, impromptu dancing is encouraged and you will find many area where revellers come together to enjoy a spontaneous boogie, as well as organised circles to cavort in. On April 29th, you will find a Dance Temple offering sessions and classes with Why The FUNk Not, The Tantra Experience, Dynamic Bellydance, Sundance of Freedom, African Tribal Dance and more.


Musical artists including Fous de la Mer, Ibango Tribe, Soulsong Ibiza, Serendipity, Sitar, Love(IN) Love and many more are set to perform over the course of the day. When the sun sets, the celebration of life and love culminates in an ecstatic dance party under the starry night sky, with DJ Kareem Raihani playing an infectious and eclectic set of world music that is simply irristable, drawing people of all ages and cultures to the dance floor. With so much to see and do, the Ibiza Spirit Festival is one of the most interesting days out on the White Isle. Even better, the non-profit event will donate all of the proceeds to support APNEEF’s work with special needs children. The €10 entrance donation includes all activities except for therapists and readers, who ask for an additional small donation. Come and experience the magic for yourself!

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