Hidden Treasures At The Secret Door

Hidden Treasures At The Secret Door

Words: Rosie Wilson

Admittedly, Ibiza’s underground scene is predominantly focused on clubbing – anything that requires an element of detective work to access is probably an up-and-coming DJ or fresh from the festival circuit. But there’s nothing more magical and exciting than an element of surprise when it comes to bar-hopping, and the brand new daytime speakeasy The Secret Door offers just that. On top of the cool factor, the bar focuses on fresh local produce, organic ingredients and expertly homemade additions in order to create premium healthy concoctions.  Set in an idyllic bay near Santa Eulalia, it’s certainly picturesque, too – although of course we can’t give away the precise location. After all, if you know, you know…

Chicly decorated with slate grey walls and shelves filled with colourful bottles with handwritten labels, The Secret Door looks every inch the glamorous speakeasy, and as we walked into the secret space we couldn’t wait to try some of the hand-crafted cocktails for ourselves. We tried a ‘Country Gentleman’, a short concoction of brandy, white wine, lemon, nutmeg and pure sugar cane and a twist on the classic Aviation – a mix of Quebranta Pisco, raspberry liquor, cherry liquor, lime juice and violet liquor named ‘The Pilot Is Drunk!’ As we sat in the intimate space and sipped a few of the artisan creations, we managed to have a catch up with The Secret Door’s bar manager, Jorge, who told us all about his inspiration for the bar and his hopes for the rest of the season.



Jorge hails from Spain but has previously managed some of London’s coolest watering holes, and came to Ibiza to join the innovative team behind ultra luxe locations Babylon Beach Ibiza and El Portalon. In no time, Jorge had whipped us up two original creations from The Secret Door’s creative menu – adaptations of classic prohibition era recipes with seasonal twists. As well as the classics, Jorge likes to freestyle sometimes and create his own unique drinks mixed up according to the guests preferences. He told us: “Sometimes I go off menu. I like to be a little like a psychologist with the guests and find the right recipe for that particular moment in time. You can have a favourite cocktail but maybe right now, you fancy something different. For example, I generally don’t like Aperol Spritz so I would never order it, but when I came out to Ibiza on my first trip to the beach I ended up having six because in that setting it was perfect. For me cocktails are like food. You might love pizza but you’re not going to eat that for breakfast, for example. Or if you’ve have already eaten a big meal, you only want something light later on. It’s the same with drinks. So I always try to find out what the guest desires at that particular moment and give them the cocktail that is perfect for that time.”



Hear, hear! We’re all for original creations here at Icon, and credit to Jorge, he’s a creative force to be reckoned with. Claiming to be inspired by all the ingredients of the island – the herbs and fruits that you can find everywhere on the markets – as well as, obviously the stunning weather and the opportunity to work at such a cool and innovative concept, it seems like Jorge will probably be sticking around at the helm of The Secret Door for a while. The White Isle isn’t short of hip watering holes but if you’re looking for something a little different, make sure you pay a visit to this magical secret bar.

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