Graham Hancock To Speak At New Ibiza Food & Arts Festival

Graham Hancock To Speak At New Ibiza Food & Arts Festival

Words: Olivia Ebeling
Photography: Courtesy of Amorevore Food Festival & La Skimal

Over recent years, the White Isle has begun to shift its image from being known solely as the clubbing capital of the world, but has established itself as a veritable foodie destination, too. With an ever-growing culinary scene that boasts everything from high quality local restaurants to global gastronomy chains such as Nobu, quirky and creative independent eateries as well as pop-up gourmet events, Ibiza’s food offering can hold its own amongst the best of them. This October sees an exciting new addition to the market in the shape of Amorevore Festival, which offers a compelling blend of gastronomy, art, music, film and performance for the ‘epicurious’.

Set to take place from October 26th until 28th, the festival not only celebrates Ibiza’s as a gourmet destination, but also takes a look at food culture and ecology issues. Guided by sustainable principles, Amorevore will bring together a collective of producers and chefs with world-renowned artists and speakers for an event that inspires all senses while also providing education and inspiration regarding current global issues and trends. Today, it has been announced that world-famous author and visionary Graham Hancock will be appearing at the though-provoking event, before running an intimate retreat hosted by the Tyringham Initiative on October 30th and 31st.

Most famous for his controversial bestseller, Fingerprints of the Gods, Graham was scathingly attacked at the time by conventional archaeologists for his revisionist approach, which contended that highly advanced civilisations were wiped out by a catastrophic climate change event approximately 12,000 years ago. However, as the years passed and technologies advanced, much of what he first speculated about has now been verified by the geological record and more recent archaeological findings from the US, Turkey and Indonesia. Graham has also become a leading spokesperson about the ‘War on Drugs’, or what he has famously dubbed the ‘War on Consciousness’, highlighting the pivotal role that various sacred, psychoactive plants have played in the evolution of cultures around the globe. In his Amorevore event, Foods of the Gods, Graham will elaborate on this fascinating topic, in dialogue with fellow writer and ‘cultural change agent’ Greg Sams, while the Magical Mystery Tour Retreat will present his latest archaeological findings, soon to be published in his forthcoming book, America Before.


The author’s event will be just one highlight of many fascinating activities, workshops and talks covering the topics of gastronomy, art, entertainment and music. “Amorevore is about celebrating what comes from the heart – the love of food, the love of creating in community and the love of shared knowledge and experience,” says founder Jenna Ansell, who has produced numerous events in collaboration with international festivals and companies including Wilderness, Bristol Food Connections, Lightning in a Bottle, Secret Garden Party, the BBC and Slow Food. To bring her vision of Amorevore to life, she has teamed up with with River Café alumnus, broadcaster and environmentalist Rory Spowers to create a multi-sensory and family-friendly festival that will educate and entertain in equal measures with a cutting-edge programme.


So, what can visitors expect? Markets, craft bars and vibrant street food will be showcasing Ibiza’s ever-growing farm-to-table food scene, while also catering to the visitor’s culinary delights. Some of the island’s most renowned producers and top chefs who work sustainably will present their gastronomic creations, while hands-on workshops and kids’ activities provide a platform for interactive learning. Juicy panel discussions, talks and debates will explore innovative solutions to critical food-related issues, with international experts including Graham Hancock, Gill Meller, Tristram Stuart, Zoe Adjonyoh, Patrick Holford, Helena Norberg-Hodge and Valentine Warner sharing their views on environmental, political and economic aspects of the food industry as well as optimal wellbeing.


Meanwhile, a carefully curated cultural programme featuring pioneering artworks and visual displays, live music and performances, and film screenings of independent food films will complete the festival to create an event that stimulates all senses. The festival will also host an exhibition by The Gaia Foundation, showcasing images by acclaimed photographers including Rankin, Sebastião Salgado and Martin Parr. Fringe events by food partners and local experts run alongside the main festival from October 20-25. There will be wilderness walks and foraging experiences set in Ibiza’s breath-taking nature, pop-up dining as well as food and drink tastings that will showcase Ibiza’s local food culture and hidden gems, while farm visits provide unique insights into artisan traditions, permaculture and biodynamic farming.


Those interested in participating can download the Amorevore Food Map from June 21st, or pick it up at participating venues, to get the low-down on the best of Ibiza’s sustainable food offerings and quirky creative corners.

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