Fine Wines At Somm

Fine Wines At Somm

Words: Rosie Wilson

Nestled in the very heart of Santa Gertrudis, between the artisan vegan restaurants and the painfully chic sushi bars, is the latest artfully bohemian contribution to the village’s hip aesthetic. Somm is the first dedicated wine shop in the vicinity, and it’s not only a stop off for unique and rare wines and spirits, but a beautiful space with a calming aura to boot. What’s more, the owners, Anders Enkvist and Dimitri Nakov, have big plans for the future of Somm and their place in Santa Gertrudis. We’d tell you to watch this space, but what they’re offering already is pretty great.

The stunning, sprawling wooden table and long Persian style rug have been hand-sourced by Dimitri’s partner, an interior designer (and it shows). The simple but effective use of the surrounding space lets you peruse every single wine with ease, and the overall impact is relaxing as well as informative. And it certainly is the latter… just a short conversation with the knowledgable owners, who both used to be DJs before they turned their attention to other talents, will teach you more about wine than you thought you could know.

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And although wine is somewhat their specialty, it’s not the only thing that the innovative duo behind Somm have to offer. Boutique retailer and friends of Icon, Law Gin, feature pride of place as you walk in the door, as well as a hand-picked selection of other spirits like mezcal and limincello (and a certifiable rumour of more coming very soon) – and even a novel contribution of artisan chocolate and chilli sauces.

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Pulling up a chair at the aforementioned table, we listened to the pair, enraptured, as they told us all about the one-off bottles, the little known wineries and the virtues of minimal intervention in winemaking. Although we were already stuck into a bottle of rosé that had been selected for us, we made the most of our time with the experts and asked them for some specific recommendations to pass on to our readers.

“The go-to rose is Chateau Les Valentines, which is simply superb. It goes with everything really, but it can also take a bit of spicy food and is lovely with Mediterranean dishes, for example fennel and fish,” said Anders. He continued: “From the small winery that we talked about earlier we have a delicious Sauvignon Blanc, the Vette, which is perfect for aperitifs and goes particularly well with goats cheese and all sorts of seafood. Another one of our bestsellers is the Epitafio from the Toro region, and this is the highest vineyard in this famous red wine region, which gives the wine more balance, freshness and elegance. For parties, we have the Chang-Pang, which is made by a friend of ours. It was originally made for the hip Swedish market and is produced like a Cava, but because it is made outside the region it is described as ‘really good sparkling wine.’

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So, there you have it. Santa Gertrudis, which was already a popular destination amongst discerning foodies, has developed another gem in its gourmet arsenal. There’s talk of wine tasting evenings and other events in the not-so-distant future, but for now Somm is open every day between 10.00 and 15.00, and again from 17.00 to 21.00, and Anders and Dimitri are determined to help you find the perfect tipple. Pop down for something special with which to entertain guests, or simply hang around for a chat with the insightful owners – but don’t miss out on Somm’s first summer.

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