Experience The Extraordinary With Ibiza Jeep Tours

Experience The Extraordinary With Ibiza Jeep Tours

Ibiza is the clubbing capital of the world, and, as such, packed with unbelievable parties on a daily and nightly basis. Clubbers travel from the four corners of the world just to sample the unique atmosphere and we totally understand that. However, and we feel it’s a big however, if you don’t take the opportunity to get out of the club and away from your resort and explore a little bit of the magical countryside and coastline that Ibiza is blessed with, you are leaving without a true reflection of the beauty of the island. One of the best ways to do exactly that is through Ibiza Jeep Tours.


If you’re going to venture into the Ibiza countryside and along some of the steep and rocky roads that meander around the coast, you might as well do it in style and in comfort. Ibiza Jeep Tours provide brand new Jeep Wranglers especially for the occasion, giving you an elevated view as you travel and plenty of cushion on the roads that have seen less traffic! Don’t worry if you are small in number, Ibiza Jeep Tours will make you feel right at home, integrating you into other groups, so, not only do you enjoy the experience but you have a chance to make new friends as you do so. There are a multitude of tours to choose from incorporating everything from savouring a local paella for lunch, to cliff diving and snorkelling, depending on how adventurous you feel. All of the tours offer a unique insight into the beauty of the island that offers a balance to the hedonistic elements within the resorts.


For the truly adventurous, take the Formentera Tour and visit our neighbouring island, which is blessed with white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. You can enjoy snorkelling in the crystal clear waters, or even kayaking around the breathtaking bay of Cala Saona before dropping into Gecko Beach Club for lunch. Whether you want to stay mobile in your car and take in some of the memorable points around Ibiza, whether that’s the magnetic pull of Es Vedra or the highest point of the island, or you want to incorporate some amazing sea-bound adventures into your tour, it is completely up to you and there is a package to match. The only decision you have to make is to choose Ibiza Jeep Tours and leave the rest to the professionals. It’s a day you will never forget and a chance to feed your soul. For those that prefer the freedom to explore the island on their own, Ibiza Jeep Tours also rent their Jeep Wranglers, so every possible option is covered.


Ibiza Jeep Tours
Full Day Jeep Tour From – €130
Formentera Premium Jeep Tour – From €230
Premium Tour (Paella, Cliff Diving, Snorkelling) – From €179
Sea day Adventure (Paddle surf, cliff diving, snorkelling) – From €169
Sunset Jeep Tour – From €120
Half day Jeep Tour – From €120


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