Relaxed Coastal Dining At Tanit Beach Ibiza

Relaxed Coastal Dining At Tanit Beach Ibiza

Words: Rosie Wilson
Images: La Skimal

Whether you’re going for a romantic dinner, a catch up with the girls or simply sun worshipping, there’s no better place to do it than Tanit Beach Ibiza. The sister venue to Nassau Beach Ibiza offers a chilled alternative without compromising any of the glamour. The chic beach club has launched a new menu for 2017, so we went to sample some of the laid back luxury it’s so well known for.

Tanit Beach has long been known for its great cuisine, but the introduction of a new chef this summer has really raised the bar. We stopped by to sample the new menu and see what all the fuss was about, and we were blown away not just by the quality of the food, but the chic presentation too. Just based on the relaxed atmosphere, stunning views on the Mediterranean Sea and stylish interiors alone, Tanit Beach Ibiza is hard to beat when it comes to ambience. We kicked things off with a couple of fresh fruit juices; one tropical concoction and one refreshing mix of watermelon and ginger, as well as cool, crisp glasses of dry white wine. As we sipped our drinks, the sun beating down on us while the ocean softly lapped the shore was definitely getting us in the holiday spirit.

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Our beautifully colourful and fragrant starters arrived, and we couldn’t wait to tuck in. We were brought a selection to share, including a prettily decorated plate of tuna tartar with cherry-infused spring onions, liquefied wakame and cucumber, mini zucchini and raifort cream, and Causa Limena with perfectly grilled octopus. The standout dish, though was the teriyaki-marinated tempe tofu salad with pickled mushrooms, caramelised onions and crunchy quinoa. The vegan dish was brilliantly flavoursome and surprisingly filling.

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Although the vegan offerings at Tanit Beach are innovative and would sate any appetite, meat lovers don’t despair – the next course was a humongous Black Angus rib, slow cooked for 24 hours and served with creamy pumpkin mash and a medley of mushrooms. The meat was melt in the mouth and perfectly cooked, and the expertly paired accompaniments complemented the flavour of the meat. We were also served a delicious fillet of red mullet with pigtail, mushroom sauce and sautéed vegetables – an unusual combination, but one that was executed expertly and cooked to perfection. Adding an Asian twist to the menu was a creamy red curry, heartily spiced, brimming with succulent chicken and soft noodles, and topped with indulgent crunchy noodles. The fourth and final main course that we sampled was a seafood lover’s dream – flavoursome orange and saffron flavoured risotto, topped with large, fresh prawns and bouncy scallops. There’s something really special about eating fresh seafood while you overlook the ocean, and it perfectly encapsulates that elusive holiday feeling.

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True to form, dessert at Tanit Beach offers something really special, with a twist on classic dishes. For those looking to go all-out indulgent, a chocolate and honey ganache topped with coffee ice cream, crumbled praline and cocoa crunch should do the trick. The dessert was intensely rich, creamy and luxurious, and the perfect end to a fresh and flavoursome meal. If you’re looking for something a little lighter but still hoping to sate your sweet tooth, pineapple ‘ravioli’ stuffed with yoghurt foam, topped with coriander sauce and accompanied by lime sorbet on a bed of coca bean crumbs is a guaranteed hit – the zesty pudding full of interesting dimensions is sure to satisfy your cravings.

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Thanks to its idyllic location on the beach front, diners at Tanit Beach Ibiza can stroll along the bay or dip their toes in the turquoise ocean in between courses. After lunch, why not relax on one of the beach front beds, topping up your tan while you enjoy a few cocktails? For the ultimate island feeling, the luxurious Tanit Beach Ibiza is hard to beat.

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