Cosmic Pineapple Returns To Pikes

Cosmic Pineapple Returns To Pikes

Words: Olivia Ebeling
Photography: Courtesy of Cosmic Pineapple

Entering its third summer on the White Isle, this Thursday, June 7th, sees alternative festival Cosmic Pineapple return to Pikes Ibiza for the first of four dates. A colourful celebration of life, music and spiritual awakening, it makes for a wonderful day out for those who are interested in discovering more of the island’s ‘conscious’ side. And with the profits from each event going to charity, you’re not only doing something good for yourself, but also for others!

Cosmic Pineapple started as a creative website that aims to inspire and nurture conscious change. From this platform, founder Kim Booth created the fantastical event series, which takes over the iconic Pikes Ibiza and turns it into a magical wonderland filled with colour, creativity, wellness activities, workshops and market stalls. This year’s edition is based around the seven chakras, the center points in our bodies through which, according to Hinduism and Buddhism, energy flows through. The first of the four Cosmic Pineapple events is dedicated to the root chakra and titled ‘Awaken!’


Under the motto ‘dance, connect, create’, the sprawling gardens of Pikes will play host to inspiring talks, classes, yoga sessions, dances and workshops in the day to activate your mind and invite you to connect with your hearts. Furthermore, there will be healers working with different modalities, a ‘Once Upon a Time’ creative market, healthy food and drinks and much more. Once night falls, there will be music from some brilliant and visionary music selectors to help you lose yourself in the finest of electronic and otherworldly beats.


Founder Kim Booth says, “Everything is energy. We – humans – are manifested forms of energy. When we work through our personal work in a conscious way, magical things can happen in our lives. We have to heal what’s inside first in order to go into the world and do our work on the outside. I love the Lauryn Hill lyrics, ‘How you gonna win if you ain’t right within.’ That’s why this year is based on the chakras – the energy centres of the human body. There are many different energy languages out there, but the language of the chakras was the first that I really connected with to help me get out of my mind and into the energy of the work I needed to do to come back into balance.”

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