Chiringuito Cala Escondida Opening 2018

Chiringuito Cala Escondida Opening 2018

Words: Olivia Ebeling
Photography: Courtesy of Chiringuito Cala Escondida

Okay, so Chiringuito Cala Escondida is not strictly speaking a ‘hidden’ gem anymore, but, with its simple wooden structure that is nestled into the rugged cliffs of Cala Conta, and just a few tables and chairs dotted on the rocky shore, it certainly feels like you have stumbled across a secret desert island shack. And its exactly this authentic, low-key vibe, as well as the stunning sunset location and welcoming atmosphere, that make it a favourite with locals and visitor’s in the know alike. This weekend, on April 8th, the charming beach bar reopens its doors for another summer.

Whether you park your car on the plateau above the chiringuito and make your descend down the steep stairs that have been built into the rock face, or you arrive by boat and swim the short distance to the shore through the beautiful turquoise waters – no water taxis here – arriving at Cala Escondita feels like a mini adventure. Priding itself on being Ibiza’s most authentic and eco-friendly chiringuito, forget about the high-octane glitz and glamour you may have become accustomed to from other venues on the island.


Instead, return to the simple pleasures of life and disconnect from the many diversions of the White Isle for a while. Enjoy a cold beer or share a bottle of wine with friends and allow yourself to be mesmerised by the stunning views. Nip down to the small stretch of sand just below the bar and swim in the calm sea, enjoying a lazy beach day as it has been intended.



The food offering follows the same philosophy, focussing on simple yet delicious creations. Starting with breakfast, sip on an Acai smoothie and tuck into scrambled eggs topped with tomatoes and feta cheese, fruit and muesli or the hearty cheese and Iberian ham on bread. Later in the day, sate your appetite with creamy hummus, a chicken and falafel wrap, an aromatic tagine or a veggie burger.



Just when you thought the Chiringuito Cala Escondida could not get any more blissfully understated and authentic, add to the experience the frequent live music mini gigs, with both local and international musicians dropping by to play throughout the summer. When the sun starts to set, and the sky eventually turns from orange to pastel pink and purple into an inky blue, you’ll be tempted to stay and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere right until last orders.

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