Cas Costas Winter Escape

Cas Costas Winter Escape

One of our favourite winter activities is to venture into the countryside for lunch. Not only do we get to sample some of the most delicious fare but we get to appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds us that we may sometimes take for granted or be too busy to recognise. Cas Costas, the grill and organic market from the Nassau Beach Group, on the road between San Jordi and Sant Josep offers the prefect opportunity to just that. Once the tourists have left the island, driving becomes a pleasure, and the rolling greenery that the island is blessed with the perfect backdrop for an easy journey to one of the island’s finest dining destinations.

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Cas Costas, like all good traditional Mediterranean restaurants, boasts an organic market, where you can find seasonal fruit and vegetables, delivered straight from its ecological garden. This provides the answer to the question of why the dishes all taste so fresh, the journey from the garden to the table is a short one! The market also boasts a range of gourmet products from around the island, showcasing some of the extraordinary talent that exists on the island, and offering you a convenient place to pick up all of your favourite goodies. There is also a selection of products from delicatessen’s around the world. For lovers of fine wine, Cas Costas has its own wine bar, where you can sample some of the finest wines from around the world. There is something for even the most demanding palette.

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With one year successfully under its belt, celebrated in fine, traditional style this summer, Cas Costas can be proud of the impact it has made. It has become a popular destination for tourists-in-the-know as well as bringing the communities around it together in one social hub. Its rustic style and dedication to remain true to tradition has been a popular philosophy for islanders, not to mention giving diners a chance to enjoy a truly unique dining experience. There were numerous gastronomic souvenirs from the market, making their way to the four corners of the world this summer. The Cas Costas menu is packed with delicious dishes, the meat, prepared on the Josper, is a particular favourite but there is plenty of choice, depending on your preference. The playground also makes for a great place for the kids, making a visit to Cas Costas very much a family affair.

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Winter hours are now in operation, meaning the Grill Restaurant is open Monday to Sunday from 13.00 – 00.00, with the kitchen serving from 13.00 until 23.00. For those that want to drop in for the Organic Market, your times are 10.00 until 14.30 and 17.00 until 100.00. Sundays and holidays is slightly different, opening from 10.00 until 18.00.

More Info & Reservations:
t: +34 971 308 755

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