Breakfast Is Served At Cotton Fitness Club

Breakfast Is Served At Cotton Fitness Club

Words: Rosie Wilson
Photography: La Skimal

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day – and nowhere is this more true than on the White Isle. After all, the island is renowned for being fast-paced and action-packed, so it only makes sense to fuel yourself right, whatever you’re getting up to. There’s a new beauty open in San Antonio – Cotton Fitness Club – which offers not only a stunning wellness suite and amazing views, but a brilliant breakfast too.

The luxurious Cotton Group has added the fitness club to its portfolio, which already consisted of the flagship restaurant in Cala Tarida and Cotton Beach Lounge in Figueretas. The stylish fitness club is the place to be for all gym bunnies in 2017, with high quality gym equipment and unmatched views of the San Antonio bay. The fitness club is open to the public and to members between the hours of 08.00 and 23.00.

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Far from just a gym, the fitness hotspot also offers a delicious breakfast for a post workout treat. After a quick tour of the state of the art gym, with its outdoor exercise spaces and brand new equipment, we were seated in the restaurant to sample the fare. The breakfast menu offers a combination of sweet and savoury dishes, but they all have one thing in common – they’re all made from the healthiest ingredients possible, using only natural sugars (you wouldn’t want to ruin that workout, after all!) We started with two classic egg dishes – poached eggs with smoked salmon and a turkey omelette. The former was an incredibly generous portion of three eggs, wholemeal bread and six huge slices of fresh smoked salmon, all on a bed of a luscious looking avocado salad. The turkey omlette was fluffy and light – the perfect post workout treat – and served with a bright salad of cherry tomatoes, avocado and spinach.

There are also more traditional Meditteranean dishes on the menu, and we ordered the toast with an array of colourful dips – avocado, smooth tomato with olive oil and a chunky tomato salsa. And for those who aren’t particularly calorie counting, our absolute favourite was the brie and pear sandwich, loaded with fresh salad but topped with indulgent truffle mayo. More of a sweet tooth? Try the breakfast pancakes – they’re sugar-free and made with quinoa, topped with a colourful fruit platter and delicious toppings including bee pollen, cacao-heavy dark chocolate cream, maple syrup and nuts. This one embraces the wellness trend whole-heartedly whilst remaining totally and completely divine – and it doesn’t hurt that it’s one of the most Instagram-friendly dishes on the menu, too.

Whether you’re hitting the gym hard and fuelling up after, or you simply fancy a health-conscious meal in stunning surroundings, Cotton Fitness Club’s breakfast is a brilliant option for everyone. Stay a while and hit the gym or relax on one of the comfortable day beds (you’re on holiday, after all!) or go all out with your food, and allow yourself the smugness that this total indulgence hit probably wasn’t too sinful.

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