Bespoke Shopping At Punta Arabi Hippy Market

Bespoke Shopping At Punta Arabi Hippy Market

Words: Rosie Wilson
Photography: Tamara Sini

Punta Arabi Hippy Market has been on the island for 44 years, and in that time it has grown exponentially. Much-loved by locals and visitors alike, the hippy market offers the opportunity for you to find that special something to take home with you, or to deck out your villa for the ultimate chic bohemian pad. A lot of the products on offer are handcrafted and come from all over the world, so it really is a treasure trove of goodies. Head down there every Wednesday daytime and see what you can find.

The origins of Punta Arabi Hippy Market, which was the first hippy market in Ibiza, date back to 1973. Back then, the market had only five stalls: a woman selling delicious pastries, a lady from Formentera who sold hand-knitted sweaters made by wool from her own sheep, a boy selling puppies, children who exchanged toys and a final seller that brought jewellery from India. In those early days, the hippies put their ‘stalls’ on the grounds under the trees, and showed their products on draperies.


Things have advanced a lot since then, but the traditional and authentic roots of the hippy market live on, and underpin the whole way in which it is run today. Merchants will bring goods from all over the world – think fabrics from Africa, jewellery from India and leather from the Middle East, to name but a few. The more willing you are to scour for the perfect find, the more likely you are to find it – with an expansive 500+ stalls, there’s plenty to be explored. In addition to the unique fashion, jewellery and leather goods that the market is so well known for, there are cooking ingredients and edible items that can otherwise only be bought in their native land. High quality olive oil, decadent chocolate and the deadliest of hot sauces can be purchased and make the perfect gift for a loved one – or for yourself!


The authenticity doesn’t stop with the goods for sale – visitors looking for something to eat and drink on the day can indulge in homemade paella and ‘Hippy’ craft beer. There’s live music in main tent in the afternoon – again, performed by artists that have come from all over the world – as well as performances on street corners throughout the market. Far from just a shopping experience, the hippy market is a whole concept that will transport you to your ultimate bohemian fantasy world.


And if all of the above wasn’t reason enough to pay a visit, on July 5th, Punta Arabi hippy market is proud to present Bing Jing Li, a New York City based musician and producer who will be playing an exclusive set as part of his European tour. It’s definitely not one to be missed, so get there early to hunt down some treasures before you enjoy the delicious food and exciting live music! Until October, Punta Arabi Hippy Market is open every Wednesday between the hours of 10am and 7pm, except in August, when it stays open until 8pm.





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