Nikki Beach Club Ibiza

The Ibiza branch of the world-renowned beach club chain is located in the aristocratically poised town of Santa Eulalia, overlooking the sea. Open to great acclaim in 2013, it consists of a restaurant, octagon bar, beach club and lifestyle boutique and has it own swimming pool, placed right in the centre of this elegant sun-drenched venue. Come here to dine with your feet in the sand, or book a bed together with friends and order countless bottles of champagne – this beach club was created for refined and sophisticated leisure.

Open daily from 11am, Nikki Beach is popular for late breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Its menu comprises courses from every location of the chain all over the world, including Koh Samui Thai beef salad, Dubai-style mezzeh and dips, Mallorca spider roll and Tarte Tropzienne – not to mention the signature sushi, delivered to beds and tables on splendid dragon-shaped trays, to the exhilaration of Instagram-addicted guests.

Ibiza version of Nikki Beach is famous first and foremost for its wonderful ambiance, picturesque setting, highly professional and welcoming staff. However, they do host parties here as well, mainly on weekends: expect live music, fashion shows, modern art and interactive entertainment. In addition to the regular gatherings, there are a few prominent events throughout the season, such as the White party, the Red party or Independence day – make sure to prepare your outfit in advance in order to match the dress-code!


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