The Beach Is Your Catwalk In Nawai

The Beach Is Your Catwalk In Nawai

Words: Amanda O’Riordan
Photography: Courtesy of Nawai Ibiza Beachwear

Only a beachwear brand born in and inspired by Ibiza can truly rock the Mediterranean this summer. Enter Nawai Ibiza Beachwear. Created and designed by Jannine Helbling, it’s a collection made for women who want to feel sexy, yet comfortable at the same time. An essential range of Balearic bikinis for the Ibiza beach babe who knows that life is better in a bikini.

Nawai reflects Ibiza’s lifestyle, spirit and those Ibizan holiday memories we all cherish. The innovation behind a Nawai Bikini is its versatility. Besides the collection being on trend, each piece is reversible and hand made with quality fabrics designed to last a lifetime. Available in two sizes, SM and ML, Nawai’s eye catching prints combine with solid colors.



Nawai ensure you can take a piece of Ibiza with you. Palm trees, ocean breeze, salty hair, sun-kissed skin and that endless summer. Nawai Bikinis will take you at least half way to all of the above. Nawai bikinis are available at the online shop plus various boutiques in Ibiza.

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a: C/Murcia,23 Ibiza.


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