‘100 Healers 100 Days’ Spiritual Workshops At Etamanel

‘100 Healers 100 Days’ Spiritual Workshops At Etamanel

Words: Olivia Ebeling
Photography: Courtesy of Etamanel

Opening its doors in May 2017, Etamanel in Santa Eulalia started out as a specialist store for ‘energetic décor’ with a focus on the magic and healing energies of crystals. Welcomed with resounding enthusiasm by Ibiza’s spiritual community and those curious to learn more about alternative lifestyles, since then the concept has evolved into a centre for those interested in ‘creating their inner and outer worlds to be a place of beauty, magic and wisdom’.

Having held several popular events such as tarot readings, sound journeys, ritual tattooing and soul journey workshops since its conception, to mark its metamorphosis into a community space Etamanel is hosting 100 healers who are leading a joint journey of healing through their work and vision on 100 consecutive days.


The series began back on January 10th and will run until April 19th, with different teachers, practitioners and creatives in Ibiza sharing their wisdom, knowledge, techniques, tools and creations for one hour very night between 19.00 and 20.00. From information on how to Heal Your Gut to a JoGa Beats Spiral Flow yoga session, Emotional Healing for Stress and Anxiety to A Simple Astrology Guide, a talk on Crystals and Holistic Therapies For Your Pet and a live jam with the Ibango Tribe, a variety of fascinating and educational sessions awaits over the next weeks.


For 20 Euros, those interested can purchase a season pass bracelet at Etamanel that gives them access to as many evenings as they desire to attend. The team behind this spiritual haven says, “We are very excited to open our space and hearts with you all to come together to listen, share, heal and transform.”

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